Dave has been doing new construction and remodeling since 1985, and this type of work has been a passion of his since a very young age. He gets the most enjoyment from kitchen and bathroom remodels. Dave says the finishing touch is the moldings he works with, and that crown moldings and other more elaborate types of moldings always give the appearance of a professional finish. Dave has  always taken much pride in the work he does. He also enjoys all of the people he meets as he is working on their projects. Although he loves the work he does and the people he gets to meet, he also enjoys his family time. He has been married for almost 20 years to Deb and has three sons and eight grandchildren. When they are not spending time with the kids and grand-kids, they love to boat, camp, and ride their motorcycle. Dave and Deb are fortunate that they both still have their parents and all of their siblings so, at times, they are spread thin but they feel very blessed by their families. They are also very involved with St. Jude and participate in many fundraising events, putting one on themselves every year and participating in the “St. Jude Rides” trip to Memphis.